No hard drives recognised

  ciri 11:33 14 Aug 2003

W98SE 400 Celeron 8.4GB hdisk

Tried to install new 40GB hard disk drive and left old 84GB as is. Also tried to install new modem card 56kbs, new sound card SoundBlaster 5.1.

Now I cannot fdisk. Cannot do anything really as I think I have just steamed ahead full of confidence. LOL. Silly me.

Nothing is recognised, nothing....

So I look forward to all of the help I can get with immense gratitude and relief that lots of you know what I hav or haven't done correctly.

A good friend is letting me use her pc to get me back on my feet again.

My 'puter knowledge is much less than I thought ~ so please bear with me and talk to me in very simple laypersonages terms....

Thank you so much.


  The Transporter 11:44 14 Aug 2003

firstly do you want both hard drives. I personnaly would just use the new one now.


On the back of your hard drive are jumpers. Make sure that the new one is set to master and connect on the end cable. Make sure that the red wire on the ide cable is nearest the power cable. The set the second hard drive to slave and connect it to the middle connector on the ide cable. This may slow performance as you are mixing very old with new.

From here make sure that in the bios (hold delete or a key which will be shown in print on the boot up screen) that the hard drive with the operating system is set to boot up first. It will be in one of the first options on the bios screen.

I would just use the single new drive as master on the end. then install your o/s onto that.

  TBH1 11:53 14 Aug 2003

try wopping everything back to as it was - - - if you get your system working, then install bits 'one at a time' - - -that way you will know exactly what bits you have problems with.

  ciri 12:01 14 Aug 2003

The Transporter

That sounds a logical option. Suppose I was being a bit 'careful/mean' trying to hang on to both hard drives. Will finish me cuppa and then get across the green to my humble abode and try just installing the the hard drive...


Will swap everything back and see what happens next....

Watch this space ..... I think we are in for an interesting journey. ;o} thanks again C

  ciri 19:38 14 Aug 2003

So, off we went back to dear old PC World and chose another new 40GB hard drive (Western Digital 7200 rpm... if this means anything to anybody)

Hopefully this is now resolved so thanks for your help everyone. ;0}


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