No Hard Drive?

  Esso43 11:24 28 May 2005

Just swapped a Graphics card on my built your own desktop and (had it about 18-24 months) It has Windows xp.

When I try to boot It asks me to boot from a cd.

When I check the HDD auto detect in the cmos bit of set up it appears that the HDD is not there, well it is not being detected.

I have put the old position back (old graphics card) but still no detection of the HDD.

It appears to not be working everything else appears to be ok.

Any suggestions on how I can check the HDD is still functioning and any tips if anybody else has had this problem?

  rickf 11:34 28 May 2005

Have you disturbed the ide cable to the H/D by accident when installing the GC. Try unplugging it and plug it in again ensuring that it goes in the right way and make sure it is securely attached at both ends.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 28 May 2005

You may well have disturbed the IDE ribbon cable into the rear of the HDD or at the motherboard end chck for security at both ends.

Also check the power cable to the HDD.

Replace a HDD (fitting only)
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  Esso43 11:42 28 May 2005

I have checked the connections and re plugged then at both ends, well one end for the power.

No change.

Can an electrical discharge cause a HDD to fail? I didn't notice anything and was strapped etc but........

  Esso43 11:50 28 May 2005

If teh HDD is dead are there any services to get the information off there?

I guess it depends on why it is dead, I have a Win xp back up probably a month old and have just about all the content some where, but there maybe something in the month. And yes I did get careless and yes I should have backed up before swapping the cards and yes I feel foolish.

  Joe R 11:52 28 May 2005


Try booting with the jumper completely removed from the hard drive.

  Esso43 11:58 28 May 2005

Sorry should have said I have been able to boot the machine with a boot disk to what appears like a dos prompt but there is no HDD when I do this.

  Joe R 12:02 28 May 2005


what type of boot disk are you using.?

  Esso43 15:20 28 May 2005

Windows xp pro disk

  Esso43 16:15 28 May 2005

The rest of teh system appears to be working fine so unless some one has any better ideas I am working on teh principle that the old disk is toast and I am installing Windows on my clean hdd which I was going to use for a second content holding disk.

If anybody has any ideas on how to go about recovering the data on the original hdd let me know thanks.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:25 28 May 2005

You could go to a specialist data recovery firm to get your data back but it will be expensive.

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