No Graphics Output

  DJ-Garry 14:30 03 May 2004

Just been given an Evesham Vale pc to have a look at. The guy who gave it to me said he thought the HDD was up the shoot but I've connected a monitor, keyboard and mouse to it, pushed the on button and it starts up. The HDD spins up to speed, the CD-ROM click, both with read lights flashing. If you put a floppy disk in, you can hear it reading it but there is NO output to monitor. I tried another monitor, and even took out the old PCI graphics card and stuck in an AGP on I had out of another old machine. Still nothing. Both the monitors I tried won't even come out of standby (ie: LED stays on orange).
PSU to Mobo cables seem ok, Ram cliped in ok.
Can't tell much else including what Mobo it has as the PSU is right in the way. Don't want to move too many things around without some idea first.

Any ideas anyone???

  ThePharcyde007 14:39 03 May 2004

Funny this!! i just built a new P3.2 last night for a freind, and I had the same problem.....2 hours later cursing like mad, it was the momory, it had a sticker over one of the pins which was causing it not too boot up. take the memory out and check to see that all pins are free from stickers!!!!

mad aint it!

  Rayuk 14:40 03 May 2004

Did you instal your agp card and tighten it down on the backplate if so remove screw and reinstal card without screwing it down then try that.

It has happened to me before where the card has moved enough to stop it working.

  DJ-Garry 14:49 03 May 2004

Tried both of those ideas (thanks guys) but no luck.

Anyone else have a clue please???

  skell 20:07 03 May 2004

Could be a power problem, maybe not enough juice to power up the monitor.

  topdraw 20:25 03 May 2004

Skell could be right, if you have connected power to monitor via the PSU then try and plug it directly from main wall socket. you could find the power supply is not powerful enough to power up monitor as well.

  DJ-Garry 21:03 03 May 2004

No, monitor plugs directly into wall.
Still need help please!!!!!

  skell 21:26 03 May 2004

Ok you have a spare graphics card was it out of another m/c so you know it is working? If you have access to spare parts from your old m/c like another m'board it might be worth replacing the m'board. Its a case of elimination. I know this is risky but if your sure your graphics card is working i would try another m'board and see if thats works.

  DJ-Garry 21:30 03 May 2004

Nice idea skell, but it's the mobo I'm interseted in saving. Someone else I know wants the mobo for their system. The AGP card definatly work in another machine. I shal try the PCI card in that machine to see if that's ok.

Does anyone know what power should be at the PSU output plug pins? Maybe there's a problem there.

  skell 21:56 03 May 2004

I understand about your concerns for the m'board. Are you getting any error bleeps at all? You could try dissconnecting the HDD, Floppy and just have the RAM and Graphics card installed 1st and power up see if you get dispaly then.

Most power supplies should have an output of +12v DC on the smaller power connecter if it has one and the large main power connector should also have +12v DC usually at pin 10 and -12v DC at pin 12. it should also have outputs of +/-5v DC. If you have a vault meter you can check those but be careful! But i would guess the PSU maybe ok if the m/c boots and seems to work as normal.

  ThePharcyde007 21:59 03 May 2004

The smaller 4 pin additional powersupply is for the CPU only and if this was not connected, it boot for a 2nd and then turn off

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