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  zabbat 00:00 25 Oct 2003

my mate has a pc and he did some decorating moved it about a bit and then set it up again. he turned it on and the monitor gave its usual green light and the pc fan could be heard, but it did not boot or beep and the monitor went to stand by. without asking for advise he went out and spent £100 on a new monitor only to find the same results. when he asked me i said it was probably his graphics card but after replacing it with my card wich i know to be good, the same happened. I have told him that he has a mainboard or cpu failure. His pc is only 4 months old and still under warranty. just wondered what the experts thought.

  Jean-Luc Picard 00:27 25 Oct 2003

Try removing an replacing the memory.

  zabbat 00:29 25 Oct 2003

tried that mate and tried his memory on my pc, no problem.

  DAG88 00:36 25 Oct 2003

check all of the cable connections and the cable that limks your monitor to the PC. if its not them then its probably been damaged.

  zabbat 00:39 25 Oct 2003

tried all the connections and cables even to the extent of hooking them up to my peripherls. still same result.

  Jean-Luc Picard 19:28 25 Oct 2003

Have you tried reassembling the cpu/heatsink/fan?

  zabbat 22:31 04 Feb 2004

the prob is solved the motherboard went fubar. the vendor did some tests came to the same conclusion and exchanged. thanx for all the help


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