No-go to blackviper

  tonyx1302 21:58 16 Oct 2004

Hello out there. I am trying to log on to but I keep getting 'You are not authorized to view this page'.
How do I get pass this stoppage please


Whoops. Sorry forgot XP with SP2 on board and running a treat

  tonyx1302 22:12 16 Oct 2004

Okay nixnax. Don't rub it in !!! Hi feb. Clicked on your link and got the same 'not authorised ' etc

Any other ideas please



  tonyx1302 22:23 16 Oct 2004

Me again. Hi Jackcoms. Just checked my Res sites but it isn't listed in there.


At least I know feb that I cannot blame it on SP2 as it runs ok with you.

  tonyx1302 22:40 16 Oct 2004

Thanks feb. Tried that one as well but got same result. there must be a problem somewhere in my settings

  tonyx1302 10:40 17 Oct 2004

I am still trying to connect to blackviper via postings, google etc but am still getting the same 'not authorised ' message. I have tried all suggestions,thanks Crossbow 7, feb & nixnax but none have worked. Has any member any other thoughts or ideas

With thanks


  tonyx1302 14:15 17 Oct 2004

Hi feb. I am using ZA firewall. I have tried loading B.viper with it switched off but no luck. The screen says that I have 'error 403' thats why I cannot connect. I have looked at error 403 on Google but I didn't understand a word of the reason or how to correct it !!

How do I put the site in trusted sites as per your suggestion as I am going into areas my limited comp knowledge hasn't been to.

Thanks for your help feb


PS I wonder if a restore would cure the error?

  tonyx1302 14:26 17 Oct 2004

Hi Edstowe. ( Sorry don't know how to get euro sign in your name !). still getting ' Not auth ' on your post

  tonyx1302 14:26 17 Oct 2004

Hi Edstowe. ( Sorry don't know how to get euro sign in your name !). still getting ' Not auth ' on your post

  tonyx1302 15:34 17 Oct 2004

Sorry for the delay. Have put it into trusted sites AND did a restore. Still no go. I think I will give up.

Thanks everyone for all your help

  tonyx1302 16:12 17 Oct 2004

Thanks feb. I have taken your advise and sent an email to BV, so hopefully he may be able to through some light on the prob.

Thanks you for your help and patience. It is really appreciated.


  tonyx1302 22:42 18 Oct 2004

Hi easyrider66. No I haven't tried a different browser but have just tried with the privacy set to low as per your suggestion, but still get the ' not authorised ' bit and cannot connect.

Thanks for your ideas


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