no floppy drive on computer with ntfs files,why?

  mec13 23:43 29 Sep 2005

we have two computers in our home networked. Mine is xphome on fat32 files. the 2nd(my son's) is also xphome, but on ntfs files. The 2nd computer has no floppy drive, I'm told,this is because floppy drive,s and ntfs files don't mix.

Although floppy drives are 'old fashion', my personal opinion is 'there still handy', and most important, a lot cheaper to buy than these 'flash drives', (especially when I've still got plenty of floppy disc's still unused).

Is there some conflict with floppy's and ntfs file system, or have I been given 'duff' info?

  Thalmus 23:54 29 Sep 2005

FAT32 and NTFS are different ways on how your hard disk is formatted. You can have a floppy drive in a computer on matter how the hard disk is formatted.

Floppy disk can only be formatted as FAT32 (for technical reasons). However files can freely copied from a FAT32 disk to an NTFS, be it a floppy or hard disk.

  mec13 00:10 30 Sep 2005

Thamlus, does that mean then a floppy drive can be fitted to my son's computer with ntfs file system. what about the ribbon cable connection to the 'mother board', will there be one?

  mec13 00:12 30 Sep 2005

sorry Thalmus, spelt your name wrong!

  Thalmus 00:13 30 Sep 2005

yup, no problem in conecting a floppy drive to your sons computer.

If you buy a floppy drive it should come with a cable, if not you can buy one seperate, looks like this click here

  LastChip 00:14 30 Sep 2005

It is more likely to be a manufacturers cost cutting measure, rather than anything else.

Most new computers will boot directly from a CD now, so a floppy drive is (almost) redundant. Add to this, you can get a USB memory stick at a very reasonable cost, and that it will hold far more data than a floppy and it becomes clear why they are often no longer being fitted.

I have to admit to liking a floppy drive and it has enabled me to recover machines on many occasions, but in reality, the writing is on the wall and it's one dinosaur that is doomed to be extinct fairly soon I'm afraid.

  mec13 00:15 30 Sep 2005


  LastChip 00:22 30 Sep 2005

Floppy drives do not come with cables.

The cables are normally supplied with the motherboard, but are available separately, normally from the same retailer that would sell you a floppy drive.

If I were you, before committing yourself, open up the computer and make sure there is provision for a floppy drive to be connected to the motherboard. Almost all "standard" manufacturer motherboards still include this provision, but if you have a proprietary system board, it may not exist.

  mec13 00:32 30 Sep 2005

glad you mentioned that LastChip,thanks.

  Ancient Learner 17:00 30 Sep 2005

Floppy Disks redundant?

Beware, they may be for the chop sometime, but not yet.

I have just been compelled by Windoes XPSP2 to use mine whilst doing a repair to Windows, as it is the only, and I do mean, only way that the drivers for SATA hard drives can be installed unless they have been Slipstreamed into the Windows CD or the Motherboard already has them installed. (My SATA board didn't and neither did the CD)

  DieSse 18:31 30 Sep 2005

"Floppy disk can only be formatted as FAT32 (for technical reasons)"

FWIW - floppies are FAT16.

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