No Firewall at Bootup?

  Hedontownee 07:00 03 Jan 2009

I seem to have a problem at bootup
I am using Windows XP and when boot up I get a message balloon stating that the firewall is not on, if I click the balloon I get the security the time I see the centre details the firewall has come on.
I am not sure wether the bootup sequence is corrupted or if the some malware has crept in
I run AVG security and all is up to date and appears OK
I would appreciate some help on sorting this apparent fault???
Thanks in advance

  birdface 07:20 03 Jan 2009

My Firewall comes on last.But I do not get the Balloon warning.

  Hedontownee 07:28 14 Jan 2009

It would seem that there is a file and/or little program within windows that activates the windows firewall, this obviously sets the firewall to "ON" when the firewall instruction page is programed to start.
I may have inadvertently deleted or corrupted this function. But cant see a solution
How to re-instate that function or re-install that particular file
Its annoying that whenever I boot up I get this delay while the windows boot up sequence sorts its self out
Can any one suggest a remedy please
Thanks in advance

  tullie 07:41 14 Jan 2009

I dont think many people would recommend using the XP firewall,it gives little protection.

  birdface 10:15 14 Jan 2009

Try.Control Panel.Administrative Tools.Services.Scroll down to Windows Firewall and set it to automatic.

  Hedontownee 10:46 14 Jan 2009

OK thanks for all that
I have decided to cut and run :-)
I have installed COMODO firewall pro
This firewall appears to have good reviews and so I try that one ..hopefully for peace of mind
I have checked with "Shields Up" and all seems OK
Thanks once again

  birdface 10:55 14 Jan 2009

Ok.Remember to tick the square and press resolved it will save others from looking.

  Hedontownee 10:47 18 Mar 2009

I am still encountering this apparent fault in my boot up system
The bootup process goes on.However after the desktop appears I get the ballon message that the firewall is off. This happens when I just have the generic windows firewall or when I install a third party firewall like Zone alarms.
If I click the balloon message I open up the security centre which show the firewall to be off and suggests that it should be on
My question still remains
Why does the boot up process NOT activate the firewall automatically???
I dont remember making any changes to the system files ...even if I knew which files affected this function.
Cant get any sense from the Microsoft Help pages
Its a mystery annoying one at that
Any ideas Folks

  Cymro. 12:53 18 Mar 2009

I have also had this problem for some time but was never bothered by it. I have tried the answers given above but the problem still persists. So I will now ignore it as it has been with me for some time without any ill affect, although I must admit my system takes longer to but up and settle down than it once did. Such is the way of things it seems. I am not going to worry about it, I suggest you do the same. For some things it seems there is no answer!

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