No files in Briefcase?

  faintly curious 08:30 13 Sep 2003

Hi all, I'm running Win 2000 Pro with service pack 4. For a long time I've used the Briefcase to copy all my personal files to so I can make a backup to CD. For some reason now, I find that if I send a folder to the briefcase, none of the files inside are copied, if I manually send each file to the folder within the briefcase, when I click 'update' they are all deleted from the briefcase (though they are quite clearly still in their original locations). This has got me totally lost! Any help out there please?

  MichelleC 10:51 13 Sep 2003

Try keeping orig briefcase in bin (in case) and creating another briefcase.

  faintly curious 14:49 13 Sep 2003

Thanks Michelle but I've already tried that!

  MichelleC 10:16 14 Sep 2003

Tried running cmd (sfc)?

  faintly curious 10:33 14 Sep 2003

Thanks for trying to help Michelle. I found the solution on the Microsoft Knowledgebase - where it says...

This behavior occurs if the 'For fast searching, allow the Index Service to index this folder' option is not selected in the advanced attributes of the folder.


  faintly curious 11:12 14 Sep 2003

If anyone else has this problem (and it's something Microsoft have missed!), if your files are encrypted they will not be copied to the briefcase, this was the cause of my problem rather than the solution suggested my Mr Gates & crew!

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