No File Sharing or Internet Access

  Speakersrock 20:20 09 Oct 2006

I have an old computer running windows 2000 (Newly Installed) which I have connected to my network. I used a network crossover cable to connect it to my woireless router. This worked fine, I could print, Share Files, Access the Internet e.t.c, Untill I tried to put a d-link wireless adapter onto it, to enable my to loose the crossover cable running through the house.

Once the D-link wireless adapter was installed, The netowrk stoped Accessing the Internet, Shring files e.t.c. I have then since disconnected and uninstalled the wireless adapter and gone back to wired. Still nothing works though, Apart from when looking at network connections it dispalys the computer as connected, and the lights come on, both the router and the ethernet card inside the computer. I have tried everyting I can think off, Now getting desperate, Please can someone help.


  STREETWORK 22:08 09 Oct 2006

When changing over to wireless the ADSL modem should remain connected to the PC by the ethernet cable. Once this is done and working make a usual connection using the crossover cable and set up the other PC.

Once this works,install and set up the wireless adapter, it will light up when working.

On the wireless router there should be information on the manual to either press a button on it or using the software which came with it. Once activated it may take up to 10 minutes to identify the other wireless adapter. This themn can be set as the default connection and should allow acces to printer/shared files and internet...

Post back if problems still exist..

  Speakersrock 18:12 14 Oct 2006

Hi, Sorry on such a slow responce. What was surgested sadly did not work. If anyone else has any other sugestions please post, thanks.

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