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No event information problem on Toshiba TV

  ponytail 08:59 24 Apr 2018

I was just wondering if anyone on here had this problem.When I press the guide button on the remote there are a lot of channels which have the message No Event Information.So in order to watch a program on one of these channels I have to do a digital retune which temporarily solves the problem.If I then turn the TV off for a while the problem re-appears when I turn it back on it seems I have to do a retune everytime I turn the TV on.I do not have this problem if I am watching the TV through either my Humax Box or my Yuview Box.It seems to be the same channels all the time.Any advice appreciiated and if more info required please ask.

  ponytail 14:47 24 Apr 2018

I forgot to mention the TV is a Sony and the model number is KDL-42W653A

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:47 24 Apr 2018

Assuming your talking about the EPG?

My old Humax 930t does it all the time, program info missing - I just put it on Guide select the channel wait 5 secs and move to the next channel and the info appears for the channel I just watched.

  ponytail 08:46 25 Apr 2018

Apologies for the Toshiba Headline as I had my Toshiba user manual out.When I go into the program guides on either the Humax or the Youview box all the programmes are listed.But on the TV's guide there are no event information messages all over the place.I have just checked the software and I have the latest edition.I have just connected the TV to the aerial directly bypassing the other two units and the problem is still there.I cannot understand how it could be a signal problem when everything works after doing a digital retune.I have put a message on the Sony forums site to see if they can help.

  Ian in Northampton 08:54 25 Apr 2018

ponytail: like you, I have a TV (Samsung) connected to a PVR (Humax). In my experience, what you describe is "just one of those things" for which there is no fix. It happens to me intermittently and, like you, I'm surprised that the EPG on the TV is fine while it's broken on the PVR - or vice versa. It's all to do with the mysteries of different tuner behaviour, variations in signal strength etc. I guess. It does always, however, right itself - usually sooner rather than later. It's frustrating while it lasts, but I've learned to live with it. I fear your search for a solution will prove futile. For sure, it is not (I don't think) a manufacturer-specific problem.

  ponytail 09:16 25 Apr 2018

I have just decided to do a factory reset which seemed to take ages but there are no No Event Information messages now so will wait and see.

  ponytail 10:59 25 Apr 2018

Have just got home after being out for a hour and turned the TV on went to the TV guide and all the no event information messages were there so not sure what to try next.

  ponytail 09:11 26 Apr 2018

I turned the TV on this morning and the affected programs were again showing no event information so I checked further and all these programs were being broadcast on either channel 29 or 33 which I have never then I did a digital re-tune and program 19 which before the re-tune was being broadcast on channel 33 was now being broadcast on it's correct channel which is 41 and also before the re-tune I checked the signal quality and strength of the affected programs and the quality on all was zero and the strength was between 8 and 22 and after the re-tune quality was 100% and strength was 90%.Why would I be getting these two channels where are they being broadcast from and what do I need to do.My channel numbers are 52,49,47,42,44 and 41 so here do channels 29 and 33 come from.I use the Heathfield transmitter

  Thuy An Truong 09:31 26 Apr 2018

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  ponytail 11:29 26 Apr 2018

I have just been on the phone to Digital UK and spent about 15 minutes talking to this really helpful lady.In the end she talked me through doing a manual re-tune as I had never done one of these before.At the end all the programs were there and there was no sign of no event information but have turned the TV off and will see what happens when I turn it back on later.She said I was picking up some channels fro the Chrystal Palace transmitter.Also my channel numbers will be changing soon so will have to do a manual re-again.

  ponytail 08:29 27 Apr 2018

This problem seems to have been sorted since I did the manual re-tune.Have not had the No Event Information message since.Just thought I would let you know.

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