No Epson Scaners Work on my pc?

  livewire 11:42 20 Sep 2003

I have Windows XP home edition. And have 4 usb ports, one taken up by my AOL modem.

I am trying to by a flatbed scanner from EPSON but i cannot find any using a parrelel interface. I cannot have a usb scanner becuase anything that i connect using the usb ports on my computer including a mouse knocks out my AOL modem.

Does any one know where i could find an EPSON scanner XP compatible with A parrelel Interface?


  Djohn 12:03 20 Sep 2003

I think that rather than taking a backward step to a parallel scanner, it may be better to buy a USB scanner, and a USB "Powered" hub. These can be bought for approx. £20.00 up-wards and will give you 4 extra ports.

Also if you run your AOL modem from the powered hub, you will have a more consistent connection, and using other USB devices at the same time will not affect your connection. I have my AOL through a powered hub and use several other devices at the same time, [Printer, Scanner, Camera] all without problem. Regards. j.

  holly polly 12:04 20 Sep 2003

seems strange that if u connect a usb device it knocks out aol invest in buying a self powered usb hub that way you will not have the probs of knocking out aol ,the aol modem demands a lot of current therfore there isn't enough to power your scanner etc ,with a self powered external hub the powered is supplied independently ,also you will get the faster transfer times ,because of usb ,if you can use usb the outlay for a powered hub will reap rewards ,you will not regret it ,hope this helps -hol pol...

  holly polly 12:06 20 Sep 2003

gday john -on the ball as usual -beat me too it ,best wishes -hol pol..

  livewire 13:33 20 Sep 2003

Ok, Thanks i will try a powerd Hub.

  livewire 14:40 20 Sep 2003

The Hub works fine With AOL :)


I will now try my luck with a Epson Scanner!

  Djohn 14:56 20 Sep 2003

Excellent news, pleased to hear it has worked for you.

Hi holly polly, not often I beat you to it! you must have been off-line when I answered. :o)

  holly polly 16:29 20 Sep 2003

glad u got it sorted livewire ,shall have to learn to type more quickly JOHN -regards -hol pol..

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