No emails received whilst overseas

  nokka 15:21 25 Mar 2010

I have just returned from 4 months overseas, during which I didn't require access to emails on Outlook Express. My ISP are Pipex.

I reckoned there may be up to 5000 emails in my inbox when I returned and, as some are simply regular circulars, knew I would have some deleting to do. I had set up an Out of Office reply via Pipex.

On return I clicked Send/Receive and received NO emails. I reported this to Pipex; shortly afterwords brand new emails started to arrive, but the ones from those 4 months have not. As Pipex have appalling Support, they unsurprisingly can't, or won't help.

Do you think these emails are recoverable ? Any ideas where they may be ? Do I need to do something to enable me to download so many emails ? Have I exceeded some limit ? (Currently about 1000 emails on Outlook Express - so not too many ). I am desperate, as there will undoubtedly be some important stuff in there. Any ideas, or have they just, quite simply, disappeared ???

  ame 15:53 25 Mar 2010

Can't you login and access your e-mail via webmail on the pipex site? There is a link at the top left hand side to "check your mail" which opens a popup to sign in. Surely they must be on the pipex server?

  ame 15:54 25 Mar 2010

Sorry - top right hand side!

  ame 15:57 25 Mar 2010

Jeez - depends if you are a business customer or home user : different website layouts!

  nokka 16:47 25 Mar 2010

Thanks for your reply. Have already checked on the Pipex site and they are not there either.

Its a bit of a mystery. When I left the UK I asked a friend to send me an email and check that the Out of Office reply worked OK. He did that and confirmed all OK. I didn't get that email when I returned; nor indeed ANY emails from the moment I left till I returned. This rather suggests to me that there is some reason why they haven't downloaded. I just have a feeling some limit has been breached and once I do something or other all the emails will come spinning into my Inbox. Its just that I don't know what that 'something' is. Surely, emails can't just disappear, can they ?

  ame 11:56 26 Mar 2010

I trust you haven't put some form of auto-delete in the message reply rule you set up on the Pipex website. I also trust someone else didn't download the e-mails to another computer with an Outlook Express account of yours on it when you were away. Failing that, Pipex must have "lost" them. They will probably be backed up somewhere by Pipex for security reasons, but persuading them to go searching might be difficult!

  nokka 13:16 26 Mar 2010

No, didn't do Auto Delete and nobody else had access.

Not sure how relevant this is but when I couldn't get the emails I sent a message to myself from a gmail account I use when away. Message came back as undeliverable.

Reason for the problem

5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550 'Mailbox is inactive'

Seemed a bit strange. As soon as I returned and logged on to email, new emails started to arrive. Maybe after a period of inactivity the email closes down ?

Good idea about Pipex having a back up somewhere; i'll give that a try, though won't hold my breath - their helpdesk has got considerably worse recently.

  ame 13:59 26 Mar 2010

Sorry - I'm getting a bit confused.
1. Did you check webmail before you phoned Pipex and new e-mails started to arrive again? (They may have been there until you called Pipex then they did something that lost them.)
2. I thought new emails only started to arrive after you phoned Pipex, not as soon as you returned?
3. Don't use Gmail, but that suggests a problem occurred at the Pipex end after your friend checked your reply message was working and before you tried to send yourself the Gmail message.
3. There is no time limit on email as regards inactivity is concerned - you can access mail on old accounts via webmail years after you last used them.
4. Might be unauthorised access to your account or malware involved, I suppose.
Whatever happened, a Pipex backup appears your only hope.

  nokka 15:12 26 Mar 2010

Sorry, didn't mean to confuse.

New emails only started to be received once I'd phoned Pipex. That wasn't long after I'd logged on though - phoned pretty much straightaway. The guy I spoke to couldn't answer any of my questions, so I was put in the call back queue by second level engineer. I assumed the first guy did something to start emails coming through, but cannot be certain.

Anyway, thanks for your help. I am awaiting another call from Pipex when I shall enquire about backup. Thanks for your help.

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