No email contacts on Lenovo Yoga 10

  poundland 16:13 31 Dec 2014

I'm trying to help a friend who has a LENOVO YOGA 10 TABLET (serial no. 60046). When she attempts to send an email, there are no contacts stored. Does anyone know how she would sync/transfer them from her yahoo account?

I've tried to join the Lenovo discussion boards, but because this product is not owned by me, I don't have the correct registration details.

  rdave13 16:24 31 Dec 2014

Try deleting the Yahoo app and reinstalling it and add the account again.

Yahoo App

  poundland 18:11 31 Dec 2014

Many thanks rdave....I shall pass on that information.

Happy New Year!

  wee eddie 18:55 31 Dec 2014

One has to assume that she has correctly logged into her Yahoo Account.

On her previous computer it will remember her every time she opens Yahoo, because she has previously logged in with her email address and password. Yahoo will have her PC's Cookie.

  poundland 09:36 01 Jan 2015

Very good point, wee eddie. I shall check that, too.

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