No driver for USB memory stick

  rolmes 17:51 21 Apr 2006

I want to transfer data from a USB memory stick to my PC, but when I have tried to do this the PCV advises that there is no driver for this to happen. I have gone to control panel-system-device manager and the yellow question mark appears advising device not recognised, and it is from here that I have tried to both reinstall a driver and update a driver - both do not work. I have tried this with my net cables plugged in, but all that happens is that the PC connects to the net but nothing else. How do I perform the simple task of transfering data from a memory stick to my unco-operative PC? This should surely be one of the most simple tasks to perform. thanks in advance for your comments.

  Simsy 17:58 21 Apr 2006

version of windows are you using?

If it's 98 then you will need to find and install a driver.

If it's win ME then you probably wont need to.

If it's win XP then you almost certainly shouldn't need to.

Are you sure that the device isn't faulty?



  ade.h 17:59 21 Apr 2006

Firstly, what's a PCV? I thought I was fairly well up on acronyms. Aplogies if it's just a typo and I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Secondly, are we to assume that you have a Win 9x OS? XP doesn't need drivers for USB flash drives.

  rolmes 09:51 22 Apr 2006

I have windows 98, so where/how do I find and install the driver?

  jbaker65 10:12 22 Apr 2006

What make is the memory stick? You should be able to go to the makers web-site and download any driver needed.

  Belatucadrus 10:59 22 Apr 2006

click here Includes a download link to some Generic drivers, with the proviso that there's no guarantee they'll work with any particular stick. Try the manufacturer first, if it's one of those unidentifiable ones, try the generics.

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