No drive recognised

  carper 09:57 04 May 2007

I am trying to copy a DVD using the copy section of Roxio Easy media creator and get the message that no destination drive is recognised. The drive shows up in My Computer and I am able to burn DVDs from ordinary videos. Any help appreciated.
Regards Carper

  carper 18:20 05 May 2007


  Diemmess 18:31 05 May 2007

Perhaps because with the huge size of DVD files you may have to make an image file on your HD first and copy that. I have to do that anyway if I'm burning a whole DVD-full
You have only one DVD reader/writer
The source is copywrite protected

  carper 09:41 06 May 2007

Thanks for your reply. It is not so much that the disc will not read but that the second DVD drive (write) is not recognised. Carper

  Diemmess 16:49 06 May 2007

OK you do have a reader and a separate writer for DVD.
From little experience I can only suggest remedies without any deeper knowledge... so

Is your system FAT32 ot NTFS?
Reason is that there are difficulties in copying files >4.2Gb if the system is on a format of FAT32

I last tried a big file to DVD I was only able to do this by copying as an image file to HD first. Why, I know not but this way worked and I don't use the facility very often.

Others may offer a solution chapter and verse, but this at least keeps your thread alive

  carper 13:18 07 May 2007

Thanks again for your reply. I use NTFS as being more stable.I have received details from another forum which seeks to resolve the copyright issue. You might just be interested in the following link

click here.
Other contributors say that it is not s good idea to try to copy Disc to disc although various programmes claim you can do this.
Someone might be able to tell me how to make sure the drive is activated but it is a bit beyond me. Carper

  Diemmess 18:04 07 May 2007

This seems to be a person to person thread, but again for what it is worth....!

To be sure that the burner is active you could try setting the DVD burner up with any dummy file, right to the point when you tell it to burn.
Along the way you will be asked which drive you want to use to do the business.

If it accepts the DVD writer as valid then you know the drive is working, and there is no need to go any further.

As for defeating the legal copyright (if that is what you imply...) least said about that on this forum the better.
F.E. quite properly will delete the post

  carper 10:18 08 May 2007

Not meant to be a person to person thread as I was hoping someone else might have joined in. No I was not implying evading copyright but more a change of format. Carper

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