age 11:20 24 Nov 2006

Hi out there, I received my pc back from Mesh yesterday (after chasing for 1 month) following a fix under guarantee of a graphic card fault. Powered the thing up (daughter waiting with SIM's in hand), and what do I get? Nothing but the message NO DRIVE ATTACHED TO THE FASTTRACK-BIOS NOT INSTALLED,
I really do not want to pay Mesh another £42 to collect the machine and wait another month to get it back. Can anyone help- my pc knowledge is very low!


  jimv7 11:27 24 Nov 2006

Take the side off and check the cables are all connected ok, one might have come loose in transit, make sure to earth yourself first for static(by touching the metal part of a radiator)and the computer is disconnected from the mains.

  age 11:54 24 Nov 2006

Many thanks jimv7- I will take a look and let you know

  jimv7 12:06 24 Nov 2006

If that fails then I suggest that you contact

[email protected]


[email protected]

who also keep an eye on this forum and have been helpful to other mesh cutomers.

  age 17:09 26 Nov 2006

Thanks jimv7, I have taken a look and found nothing obvious- The guys at work said they will have a look at the problem on Mon. Thanks for the contact info,

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