No domain name field on XP Pro login screen

  splinternet 21:25 11 Jan 2006

I think I've screwed up my XP Pro laptop. I removed the domain name in Control Panel....System...Computer Name and now I can't login. The login screen now only asks for my username and p/w, and this combination fails even though both are typed in correctly. (Why did I remove domain? Because I haven't been able to successfully add this laptop to my home network. I just bought my wife a laptop (Win XP HE) and it was simple to define the network through the Network Setup Wizard and I can successfully share files with the desktop pc. When I tried Network Setup Wizard with my XP Pro laptop, it says it detects a domain and gives up. So I thought I could outfox it by removing the domain name.)

  mgmcc 21:41 11 Jan 2006

If you boot into Safe Mode (tap "F8" immediately after powering on and until the Boot Menu appears, then select the Safe Mode option) you should be able to log in with XP's default Administrator Account, provided it wasn't password protected when XP was installed. From there you can reset the passwords on any other User Accounts.

  splinternet 22:11 11 Jan 2006

Tried this. I still get msg "make sure your user name and domain are correct", but there's nowhere to enter domain.

  splinternet 22:15 11 Jan 2006

Is there a way of forcing the domain name in via the user name field, e.g. domain\username

  mgmcc 08:31 12 Jan 2006

From the same "F8" Boot Menu, can you boot with the "Last Known Good Configuration"?

Otherwise, again from the "F8" Boot Menu, can you get into "Safe Mode with Command Prompt"? If so, run System Restore by typing at the prompt:


and pressing Enter. This will normally open the usual System Restore window.

<<< Is there a way of forcing the domain name in via the user name field, e.g. domain\username >>>

I've never used XP Pro in a Domain, only in a home network with a Workgroup, but if you have to enter both Username and Domain, the format might be Username:Domain (except that you have already removed the Domain name, so there is possibly no valid entry anyway). It might just be necessary to reinstall Windows :-(

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