No display and slow loading issue

  Usama Salahudin 20:11 05 Aug 2018

OK so first of all here are the PC details. Processor: i5 3rd gen Gpu: Amd r9270x 2gb Ram: 16 GB Hard : 1 tb

So I bought this PC recently and been using it for 1-2 months. Now I used to play overwatch at high settings at 100 fps. Or pubg at 60 fps with high settings with no problem.

Now I don't remember what cause it but when I start it the display don't show up. I restart it multiple times by removing CMOS cell or sometime putting it back and it works. So I thought it maybe the cell. Bought a new one but still gave me the same issue.

I was busy on working so didn't focused in fixing the issue. But then sometime when I am playing overwatch or some other game the screen go black. I thought it maybe the GPU driver issue. So I installed the latest driver but it didn't solved the issue but created new issues so I installed the previous driver back.

I thought maybe its overheating GPU temp was 80 when playing games or 50-55 when doing nothing. So I reduced the game settings to low. The display going off kind of resolved for some days I was able to play games at low settings but with 100% render scale.

Although the fps started to go down to 59 at low when I used to get 100 at high on same device.

P.s the black screen at start is not resolved yet. Its still happening and this time I found a better solution rather than removing CMOS. I just restart the PC couple of times while a bootable USB is attached and it start in 3-4 attempt.

I thought maybe its a window issue because I was using window 10 lite version and it was also getting slow day by day.

So I downloaded the latest version from windows website and made my USB bootable. It contains like all type of windows home,pro,business e,t,c. So I installed windows pro ( cuz its pro so why not)

And now when I start it stays at lock screen for some minutes and don't give option to enter password. Now after 4-5 minute when it actually gives an option to enter password and j login into the PC.

Well guess what it takes 10-15 minutes to get on the main screen.

My hard is not full BTW so its not a problem.

P.s: remember the no display issue that come at start that required me to restart multiple until the led finally catches the PC and show display. Well its STILL THERE.

So I am kind of tired now. I can't return it as its a custom built. So I want to know which part may be causing the issue or is it software/driver related?

  Forum Editor 09:58 06 Aug 2018

"I can't return it as its a custom built."

Of course you can return it, you have only had the computer for a couple of months. When did the display problem first appear?

Don't fiddle about with the computer any more - just return it to whoever built it for you.

  Usama Salahudin 10:58 06 Aug 2018

I built it for myself with a friends help. Collecting parts from multiple stores. That's why wanna know what could be the issue so I can return that part.

  Usama Salahudin 12:00 06 Aug 2018

And it started. When I used to play games at high and it shut down cuz of electricity issue and overheating. After some days this no display issue came.

The first ever problem was PC shutting down multiple times maybe 3-4 times per day cuz of overheating. I know I need to buy water cooling but I want to know will that be the only issue?

  Forum Editor 12:37 06 Aug 2018

"I want to know will that be the only issue?"

Who can tell until you try?

How experienced are you at self-building - did you research the components with gaming in mind?

  Usama Salahudin 19:46 06 Aug 2018

The parts are collected by me. Computer is built up by a professional. I am a cs student so I know some stuff. But I can't say I am a professional. However I also remember I tried to play with the network registry files to reduce the lag spikes I was getting in the game.

And now some time I think registry files are the issue. However I did a clean format of c drive and installed a new window. But still computer is working however the installation of softwares is taking more time then it used to. And sometime it gets stuck in the mid.

My PCI communication controller driver in device manager also have the yellow symbol and when I try to update that it says that we tried but failed because some configuration registry database is corrupt.

Also the disk usage show 100% usage while there are no processor showing up in task manager which cause PC to slow down for a minute or two. But then it get back normal.

  Usama Salahudin 21:57 06 Aug 2018

BTW I tried second hard too with a different windows. But it also gives 100% disk usage in task manager. So it can't be hard issue. Maybe ram or GPU? Ram is 4x 4gb so total 16gb

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