No Display, PC not working

  surfsteruk 20:56 24 Feb 2006


My older sister has just given me her PC to fix as it no longer works. When the power switch is pressed on, There is no display. Fans are working fine and the MOBO light is on. I've taken the battery out and reinsterted it after a while and still no go.

I thought it may have been a graphic card problem so I inserted my working Card in but still no picture.

I'm assuming it cant be the memory as the computer was working before.

So its down to either MOBO or CPU has blown.

Can you guys give me some advice as to how to dertermine which is the most likelier?

I have no access to any other Computer apart from my Pentium and this is an AMD system I think.

  Jackcoms 20:59 24 Feb 2006

Try it with a different monitor

  woodchip 21:11 24 Feb 2006

Most likely Faulty PSU top Back of computer Box, about four screws hold it in

  surfsteruk 21:12 24 Feb 2006

Hi, yes, I have tried it on both mine and hers with no luck. When switched on, It doesnt even allow me to access BIOS. Its just simply a blank screen. Also, Normally when you switch on a working system, the monitor goes from Amber(Standby) to green, But this system, the monitor stays amber.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:16 24 Feb 2006

FAns working MOBO power light on no sinal to monitor.
graphics card and monitor ok.

If your lucky faulty PSU not enough power to run CPU

or mobo us

or CPU us

  Superstylin 23:16 24 Feb 2006

hi surfster. i had this problem with my father in laws pc after i fitted a new psu. the monitor's amber light would come on but not change to green and display the screen. it turned out to be seating problem with the graphics card, i must have knocked it when messing with the psu, and all it took was removing the card and reseating it but since you say you've explored the graphics card option then i'm stumped!

  billyliv 00:35 25 Feb 2006

Most common problem is bent or broken pins in the monitor graphics cable. Cheers, Bill

  wobblymike 08:43 25 Feb 2006

I suggest you go to minimum configuration - i.e disconnect everything from the mobo except power, cpu and fan, graphics output and 1 stick of RAM. Switch on does PC boot the monitor? if no or no intermittently you know your problem is within this configuration. Do the easy things first try a different RAM stick and another graphics card (or if onboard graphics try a pci graphics card) - if problem remains you are left with PSU, mobo or cpu.
If on first switch on above PC boots monitor ok - repeat until you are happy that it is consistent if so problem is with one of the components disconnected or a bad connection. Boot problems like this in my experience are rarely caused by hard drives - more often by RAM or badly seated RAM modules or faulty mobos. Hope this helps

  surfsteruk 12:39 25 Feb 2006

Hi thanks for the replys!

The motherboard is very basic, It doesnt even have onboard Video.

I've tried Two different Graphics card. A basic 3D Rage and a 6600GT.

It only has 1 single stick of 256MB memory and I've tried moving this into the 3 different Slots the Mobo has.

Theres only 1 harddrive and 1 cd-rom connected to one IDE channel and thats about all the system has.

I dont know what else to do. Theres a computer fair today and i'm thinking of buying either a new CPU or new MOBO but dont know which is the most likely to have broken. I'm guessing if the MObo was working ok, then it would be able to detect the BIO and actually allow me to enter BIOS?

  Gongoozler 13:37 25 Feb 2006

If you don't even get a POST beep, then you need to start eliminating hardware. Unplug EVERYTHING from the motherboard except the PSU, power-on switch, case speaker, processor with heatsink, memory and graphics card. If it then won't boot to a POST beep, remove the graphics card and memory. It should then boot to an error POST beep. If it doesn't, unscrew the motherboard from the case and rest it on a sheet of card to eliminate the possibility of a short to the case. Still no joy? Then you have a faulty PSU, motherboard or processor. The cheapest one to try first is the PSU.

  surfsteruk 16:47 25 Feb 2006

Hi there. Have done what you've asked and stripped down everything to bare minimum and It worked for a while. The windows Xp logo came on but the desktop didnt load. It was just a black screen after the Loading screen, So I thought I'd reinstall Xp as I thought the Old install had become currupt. I reinstalled everything fine and when I came to restart after installing the chipset drivers. I'm Back to square one. Nothing at all now. Computer doesnt even Boot anymore. Nothing at all on screen. Cant even get to BIOS.

I'm guessing now that I have a Faulty MOBO as the memory Stick is ok (Just tried it in another system) and i'm sure the CPU is ok too as it cant have blown.

What do you guys think? MOBO too?

The specs of the system:
AMD Duron 1600+
256MB PC2700
40GB Maxtor
Pine Phantom XP AGP 64MB

You reckon its worth me Buying a New MOBO or should I scrap the whole system?

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