No Display - No Beeps (different mobos)

  Lady Lara 16:03 30 Nov 2004

I have got a PC that when it powers up (with no HDD, FDD, CDROM etc attached) i get nothing .... not even a beep or anything on monitor.

Replaced mobo with identical one and same problem persists.

I have tried a different PSU and still the same.

It only leaves the CPU chip which was the only same part in both tests. Could it be that?

Have tried without RAM and still no beeps.... thought I would get something though.

It points to CPU i know but seems unlikely to me for some reason.

All panel lights come on by the way

  sputnick 16:18 30 Nov 2004

It could be the CPU. I had the same problem when I cooked a CPU by not having the heatsink on properly. The CPU died instantly and I have no display or beeps.

  Jeffers22 17:31 30 Nov 2004

As sputnick said: Almost certain to be the CPU. If you have a local computer shop, take it in and let them run a test - that way you'll be certain.

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