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  brj80 10:03 05 Aug 2003

My new Mesh PC had been working fine for a couple of days after it arrived on Friday.

However, came to switch it on on Sunday evening, and the display froze upon the start up screen, having completed theusual RAM count etc.

Left it for a few minutes to see if anything would happen, tried hitting DEL to check the Bios etc, but no luck so I switched the machine off and tried again. This time, although the lights on the front of the base unit came on as usual, and the fans started going, the monitor only showed a diagnosis box saying that there was no display input, before going into power save mode and blanking out. This has been the same every time I have tried to boot up since.

I've checked the placing of my graphics card, which is in position properly. I've also tried hooking it up to my telly through th tv-outlead, which just resulted in a blank screen.

I'm now pretty confused, as both the monitor and base unit appear to be functioning independently.

Any ideas? The most obvious thing is a faulty graphics card, but my Radeon 9600 is brand new and was working fine for two days. I'm at a complete loss, and the Mesh technical people have so far failed to respond to my requests for support.

The main thing I'm concerned about is that it could be a more serious problem with the motherboard or hard drive - that for some reason my PC, although appearing to be on, is simply not functioning at all. Ayone want to reassure me?

  DieSse 10:23 05 Aug 2003

The best reassurance is that it's under warranty, and it's not your cost or responsibility to get it going. Do not try and do too much before the supplier contacts you.

Any number of things could be the cause of the problem, including most of the parts inside the tower.

If you can easily do so, take the graphics card out, and put it in again (make sure the main is switched off AT THE MAINS SWITCH - not just at the front panel).

  MjM Hellfire 10:29 05 Aug 2003

I dont suppose you have another monitor or spare graphics card you could try out?

If you have a spare pc you could have even tested the graphics card and monitor on that.

If you know anyone with a pc, take you tower to them and plug it up, then you'll know for sure that your monitor is ok.

Check the pins on your monitor cable.

Have you ever plugged the monitor into the card while the pc has been powered up? Big no-no if you have. Have you tinkered about inside the pc while it's switched on?

  brj80 11:34 05 Aug 2003

I've checked all the usual stuff - pins on monitor cable included, and removed and replaced the card, with no effect.

Unfortunately I don't have an old PC or card I could test, and don't really know anyone with one - will have to ask around.

Haven't done anything with the PC switched on.

I have noticed the base unit beeps once as usual when switched on, so I don't know if that suggests that there's nothing wrong with the boot up process or not.

Cheers for responding!

  xania 13:10 05 Aug 2003

Sounds to me that your video card is on the blink. These things do happen - that's what the warranty's for. Very concerned to hear about Mesh, but that's a typical service desk. Look them up on Google and what do you see: MESH: Award Winning Computers - Excellent Service - Competitive Price. So, let's see how good this excellent service is. Get on the blower and speak to someone. click here.

Whatever you do, don't try to fix their problems for them - they'll probably claim its your fault and invalidate your warranty

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