[email protected] 07:39 14 Dec 2016

Hello there I have been having problems with this pc. Its pretty old yet I could still play games decently. One day I turned on my pc but i noticed there was no display and it was making weird sounds like the fan goes weak loud weak loud weak loud constantly. So what I did is.

I took out everything. (Ram,processor,videocard and the motherboard) Then I resembled it all from the start. I was so stupid i forgot to take a picture of it before I took it out. So i had no choice but to just randomly do it thru youtube. Could u guys tell me if I put some of the cords on the wrong place? (If u guys need a picture feel free to ask)

Please. Help me.

  Forum Editor 10:57 14 Dec 2016

What you haven't told us is whether the fan problem is still there. I assume it is, otherwise you wouldn't need help.

It would have been better to make notes of which connection was which, but as this problem occurred before you did anything, I think it's probable that you didn't make anything worse.

If you're getting no display at all, the fault may be associated with the graphics card - does the card have its own fan, and if so, did you track the fan noise down to that location when you opened the case?

  Burn-it 14:06 14 Dec 2016

I would get someone else who knows about building computers to help you. In cases like this it is difficult to work out what is wrong without having the physical machine in front of you.

  [email protected] 14:11 14 Dec 2016

Yes the gpu has its own fan. I actually did bring it to a local pc repairing store. They told me that the mobo is dead. They said it was too old. I would have bought another one if it didnt work. But it does. It worked after a week of not using the pc. But then unfortunately after a day. It broke again. (Sorry for my messed up english)

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