no display beyond winxp home start up

  Modac 14:34 05 Aug 2003

Somebody help please, I fiddled with my display settings via the following, display,settings,advanced,monitor,properties, driver, can't remember the next point, but it had something like this: start with the following options cd, demand, etc. I clicked demand and then restarted the system, only for it to boot to the windows xp home edition start up page, and then went blank afterwards it doesn't even show the log on page. I use a geforce card, tried plugging to the the tele but won't show or maybe I couldn't fin the compatible channel. is there anything I can do to reverse this problem, will re installing windows help?

  Smiler 14:40 05 Aug 2003

Have you tried starting in safe mode and then using a restore point which is prior to your tinkering. You did make a restore point didn't you??????????

  Modac 14:44 05 Aug 2003

Thanks Smiler. Unfortunately I did not make a restore point.

  Smiler 14:47 05 Aug 2003

XP makes restore points when you make changes to the system so there should smoe in the system give it a try

  Smiler 14:48 05 Aug 2003

sorry about the spelling just had a pint and it's gone to my head.

  Modac 14:55 05 Aug 2003

how do I get there please?

  Smiler 15:27 05 Aug 2003

Depends on computer but try F8 on startup

  Modac 16:20 05 Aug 2003

Thanks a lot Smiler, I used the windows xp cd to repair the home editon installation and that restored the system to normal.

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