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  algernonymous 13:23 11 Oct 2004

I am trying to resolve a DISPLAY PROBLEM. After going through the P.O.S.T. text stuff and flashing up the 'Windows 98' screen, my monitor remains blank. I thought I'd un/reinstall video drivers using safe mode, but having uninstalled them, I find the CD drive is not usable in safe mode.
I also tried to do 'scanreg /restore' in DOS mode but that came back with 'bad command or file name' ???
However, while in DOS, I thought I'd look at the floppy directory (dir /p)- shouldn't the word 'scanreg' be listed? cos it wasn't...
I also did the same on the c: drive and noticed that the 'config.sys' was listed as zero 'characters'(?)- could this mean it's corrupted/non-existant?
As you can see, I'm no expert, so any advice would be gratefully received...

  PA28 14:36 11 Oct 2004

If you've removed the video drivers in safe mode, then the next boot should have dumped you with default (but usable) 640x480 16 colour VGA from which you could then have reinstalled your video drivers. Obviously this hasn't happenedm, which suggests that perhaps it is your Windows Installation rather than the video drivers that is causing the problem. Having said that, I've just spent a weekend tearing my hair out over a similar problem on my son's computer which turned out to be a memory stick that had expired - replacement cured the problem.

My instinct, though others may disagree, is to reinstall 98 over the top if you can. You might first backup any documents you can to floppy by means of DOS (as it seems you are au fait with this) if you haven't already done so. A second hard drive can be handy for preservation of data in a case like this.

  pj123 16:56 11 Oct 2004

scanreg won't be on the floppy. Try booting your computer and keep hitting F8 until you get a menu. Select option 6 (something like, MSDos safe mode only) now you can type scanreg /restore.

As for the config.sys file, windows doesn't need config.sys or autoexec.bat. But will make new ones when you next boot anyway.

  algernonymous 12:19 20 Mar 2007

After going through the POST text stuff the last line says 'Bypassing windows start-up files' (or words to that effect), it then flashes the Win 98 screen (I am upgrading soon- honest!) and then whereas the desktop would next appear, it is just remaining blank, although there is much activity from the hard disk light. ?

  algernonymous 12:21 20 Mar 2007

Sorry,this was meant to be a new thread- unrelated to above!!!

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