No disconnect prompt when closing Internet

  robit 20:11 10 Nov 2003

Help, I get no 'do you want to disconnect' prompt when leaving Internet Explorer. I cannot get to the 'advanced dial up' dialogue box where I want to check the usual "disconnect when connection may no longer be needed" box. The previous connection tab is O.K. under Internet Options but when you click on settings the advanced button is greyed out and seems to be disabled. Does anyone know why?

  A_World_Maker 20:25 10 Nov 2003

Are you using Broadband or Dialup?

  esbe 23:09 10 Nov 2003

Hi.if your'e using dialup try
Internet Explorer/Tools/Options/Connections/Settings/Properties/Dialling, then tick 'Disconnect when connection not needed'or try Add/Remove Progs/Internet Explorer/ Add/Remove, & choose the Repair option.

  robit 19:11 11 Nov 2003


Dial Up

  robit 19:19 11 Nov 2003


I have got as far as 'properties' but their is no Dialling button.

  Djohn 19:58 11 Nov 2003

Open IE click on tools from the toolbar, choose "Internet options" from the drop down menu.

Then "Connections" tab, then "Settings button", then "Advanced"

Another small window will pop up on top of the one that is open. Place a tick in the box, "Disconnect when internet connection no longer required" j.

  robit 20:29 11 Nov 2003


The advanced button is greyed out which is what I'm trying to solve!

  Nosmas 21:22 11 Nov 2003

Are you looking at the correct 'Advanced' button? When you click on the Settings button the window then displayed has three sections. On my system the middle one (Proxy Server) has a greyed out Advanced button, but the bottom section (Dial-up settings) has an operational 'Advanced' button

  Djohn 22:42 11 Nov 2003

Nosmas is correct, look for the "Advanced" button toward the bottom right of window, under "dial-up settings"

Click on that one and the window you want will open on top of the one that is already open, but it's only half the size and covers the top half of the current window. That's why It's easy to miss. You will see the box to tick from there. j.

  robit 19:17 12 Nov 2003

Nosmas and Djohn

I will have another go, will get back to you.Cheers

  robit 19:16 13 Nov 2003

Yes, I've had another look and it is the correct advanced tab i'm looking at. As well as the advanced tab being greyed out so is the 'User name' and 'Password' (next to it) and 'domain'. The only thing not greyed out is the properties button all under Dial up settings.

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