No Disc

  [DELETED] 22:23 12 Nov 2003

Suddenly my DVD writer cant sense there is a disc mounted as it keeps saying there is no disc when i insert a DVD movie and called up PowerDVD and press play.

Does that mean my writer has gone for good? Device manager report the device is working normally. I even uninstall the writer, reboot and XP spotted 'new Hardware' and installed the appropriate driver.

Any help please

  [DELETED] 22:31 12 Nov 2003

Have you tried using a CD lens cleaner?

  [DELETED] 22:49 12 Nov 2003

nope havent got one:) Does it actually work(len cleaner)

  [DELETED] 22:53 12 Nov 2003

Try un-installing PowerDVD and re-installing. It may just have lost association with the drive. j.

  [DELETED] 22:53 12 Nov 2003

Lens cleaner works for me. I'm a smoker and I think this gunges up the lenses as well as me.

  woodchip 23:04 12 Nov 2003

I used one on a CD that a child had been putting CD's in with jam on fingers and it got it working. Not mine I mite add

  [DELETED] 23:05 12 Nov 2003

Strange. Normally when one left click on the drive, it would say please insert a disc whenever the drive is empty. But in this case, windows doesnt complaint that there is no disc mounted. It(XP) happily just displays a blank left pane(where contents of disc are normally listed)

  woodchip 23:17 12 Nov 2003

If a cleaner will not do it the Laser Led Reader may have gone. Get one with cleaning fluid so you can put a drop on the brush

  [DELETED] 23:22 12 Nov 2003

will try to get hold of one tomorrow,,,,,or even later from 24Hr Tesco(?) Might take it back where i got if from tomorrow morning..only had it less tham two months ago.....from Computer World..part of Times Computers I believe

  [DELETED] 00:57 13 Nov 2003

Apparently it can read CD-R,CD-ROM but not DVD...Any idea why is that,anybody?

  hugh-265156 01:04 13 Nov 2003

try uninstalling the drive via device manager right click it/uninstall and restarting the computer.

windows will find it again and reinstall the drivers for it,might help.

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