No dialup sounds

  dangermouse 14:57 08 Mar 2003

When connecting to my dialup account, I can't hear the tones through the speaker. All other programs using audio work OK.

I checked modem properties, and under 'speaker volume', instead of ranging from Off to High, there is only a choice of On or Off - it's in the On position.

The modem is SoftK56 with latest driver - any ideas ??

  jediknight007 14:59 08 Mar 2003

Is your modem set to Pulse Dialing instead of Tone Dialing?

  dangermouse 15:05 08 Mar 2003

Tone dialling.

  AndyJ 15:15 08 Mar 2003

Don't know if this will help click here

  bruno 16:52 08 Mar 2003

which o/s are you using?I dual boot 98se and xp pro.I hear all the noises on 98,but nothing on xp.Still connects ok,though.

  helcat 19:31 08 Mar 2003

My o/s is XP Home. When I right click on the volume icon in the systems tray and the on "Open volume control" I get a dialogue box with 7 sliders. The one second from the right is "phone" which controls my modem sound.

  fishmad pete 20:33 08 Mar 2003

Did you ever hear any dial up noise. When I changed my modem I lost the dial up sounds because the modem card didn't have a loud speaker. Most modem noises come from its own loudspeaker. Unless it has software to use the systems sound card.

  Stuartli 20:57 08 Mar 2003

Most computer systems have a small speaker in the base of the case - I've always presumed, because of the quality, that this is also used by the modem, especially as you can turn the modem sound low, medium or high.

It's in Settings>Control Panel>Modem>General tab, where you can adjust the volume slider.

  bruno 23:23 08 Mar 2003

As I said in an earlier post, is it because you use xp?I have never had it since installation.Has anybody else got modem sound on xp?

  cracker23 23:35 08 Mar 2003

I have XP and have the dial-up tones but have turned them off.I did it by:-Right click on IE icon on desktop,click on properties,click on connections,properties,click configure under modem and there is a box to tick(or untick)for"enable modem speaker".Hope this helps

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