No Dial tone detected in modem

  poohtigger1964 23:50 19 Oct 2004

trying to access internet and got new pc, but when I try to set up internet account I receive an error message stating that no dial tone has been detected. Phone works ok, checked connections and cables are ok, pc tells me that the modem is enabled and there are no conflictions. Anyone any idea how to help??

  woodt 00:15 20 Oct 2004

It could be that the modem card is not seated properly, but as its a new PC I dont recommend playing about with the innards just yet. What you can do though is remove it from Device Manager and reboot. If the card is seated correctly then Windows will 'rediscover' the modem and all should be well; if not then contact your vendor for help.

  Stuartli 08:55 20 Oct 2004

From Control Panel>Modem>Properties>Modem tab, check that Wait for Dialling Tone is enabled.

Also, from IE Tools>Options>Connections>General tab, check that Always Dial My Default Connection is enabled and that your ISP is, in fact, your Default.

You should also check that you have the correct telephone number for your ISP connection.

  Noelg23 09:06 20 Oct 2004

check to see if you have 1571 on your line...if you do you may have an intermittent dial tone...if so delete the messages and you should be ok...

  anchor 09:14 20 Oct 2004

Some BT optional services result in a "broken" dial tone. I have call redirect "when line is busy", and have an intermittent dial tone.

As a result, I have to ensure "Wait for Dialling Tone" is disabled. Try this if you have a similar dial tone.

  Muzzsjm 12:21 20 Oct 2004


Modem not setup properly in Windows, eg drivers and settings.

Modem is damaged, thunder storm perhaps or physical damage.

Line is damaged or noise is to high.

Cable from PC to socket is to long or damaged.

BT answer 1571 is active with messages not reviewed.

Failing that... Give up lol...

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