No dial tone

  Franky Lemonhead 09:19 21 Jul 2003

I have done a rebuild on my XP computer which went fine with all software going back on and working great until I went to put my NTL dial-up ISP back on. The software went on OK, but when it tried to dial up to go to it?s server there was no dial tone and no connection was made.

Does anyone know what has happened and how I can get the Internet working again?

Thank you

P.S. i have checked that the sound is on.

  -pops- 09:25 21 Jul 2003

Ensure all your plugs and cables are plugged and cabled into the correct sockets.

Try taking them all out, have a rest and then put them back.


  Jester2K II 09:38 21 Jul 2003

As pops says make sure the modem lead is plugged into the LINE socket on the modem and not the PHONE socket (Common Mistake)

  Franky Lemonhead 09:57 21 Jul 2003

Thank you for the responses.

Before the re-build the internet did work OK, not fast but OK, and the line is plugged into the same socket. When i get home i will check them again.

Thank you

  zumlif2 21:33 21 Jul 2003

Uninstall your modem on your machine. Switch off and physically remove the modem and reboot. After booting completely switch off, replace the modem and reinstall the driver and the modem.
Check the computer to telephone socket cable for continuity if you have a meter. Do you have another cable?

  User-312386 21:40 21 Jul 2003

delete the modem.

right click my computer, select properties>hardware>device manager

Now look down the list until you find your modem

Now click on it and hit the delete key

now restart the computer and the modem will be re-detected by windows

  Franky Lemonhead 09:10 22 Jul 2003

Thanks once again for the responses.

I went home yesterday, and changed the cable to the line socket and it worked fine. What i can not understand is that it was plugged into the phone socket before and it worked fine.

But it is working now which is all that matters.

Thank you

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