No Desktop Icons or Tray

  Eames317 13:12 13 Sep 2008

Hi there,

I've a problem with WinXP in that I can log on from the Welcome screen, but then get no Desktop icons, system tray or Start button. The Win button doesn't function and I get nothing when I right-click on the screen.

Problem occurred when I tried to uninstall ZoneAlarm, and Adobe Reader was updating itself in the background; when I went to restart the computer it stalled on the logout. I'm assuming that I've corrupted the Reg files or something.

I've tried restoring to an earlier date, and F11 toggle - no joy.

I looked through the forums, and found this thread, which appeared to be the same fault:

click here

I've run through this, and checked that the Shell...explorer.exe thread is in the correct registry folder - all looks ok, but still no desktop.

Anyone got any ideas of what I might try? I've got backups of all important data, so I can revert to reinstallation if required, but would like to investigate less radical options if possible.

Many thanks, Dave

  chub_tor 13:50 13 Sep 2008

Try a registry repair click here;en-us;Q307545

  rawprawn 14:33 13 Sep 2008

Try a System File Check go to Start> Run > type sfc /scannow (Watch the space between sfc and/) Hit Enter. You may need your XP disc.

  rdave13 15:23 13 Sep 2008

Try this, scroll down to 195, right column. click here

  Eames317 16:45 13 Sep 2008

rawprawn... got no start button... all apps and files are there, but I need to go through the Task Manager to get anything.

rdave13... saw your comment in the earlier similar thread, and burrwalnut's instructions to a similar fault... tried this twice; the explorer.exe is located in the "...Windows NT\CurrentVErsion\Winlogon" registry file. I've noticed by comparison with my laptop that when reviewing the active processes (through Task Manager) the EXPLORER.EXE process isn't in the list.

I've also just run Cclean, with no change.

Many thanks for advice so far.

  mobileman1953 17:12 13 Sep 2008

press ctrl/alt/del to open taskmanager click on file new task run type in explorer.exe press return should work

  rawprawn 17:48 13 Sep 2008

Try to run sfc in Safe Mode (keep tapping F8 to get to Safe Mode when booting)

  Eames317 21:59 13 Sep 2008

Finally got the machine to start in Safe Mode - on my Mesh/Asus motherboard machine, F8 brings up an option screen for boot drives.

Interested to see that desktop and system tray was visible in Safe Mode (with explorer.exe process running), then equally disappointed to find that sfc wouldn't function through 'run' command.

  Eames317 22:06 13 Sep 2008

More issues...

Tried to re-install XP from OEM disc, but I get past the registration key phase and then it tells me that it can't continue because some software hasn't completed installing... not installing anything, but XP gives no indication what software it's referring to.

The tried booting from CD to repair the installation (as described here - click here), but it just starts up and then tells me that there is no HDD visible to it.

At hair-pulling stage now.

  rdave13 07:16 14 Sep 2008

Try running system restore in safe mode.

  Eames317 10:14 14 Sep 2008

Thanks rdave13... tried that - that's how I eventually recovered to the 'no desktop' position from the crash I caused. Still no desktop or system tray on the recovered system.

Now convinced that the best thing for it is a clean installation... I've backed up data and email (using advise from this forum - great info source!). Anyone any ideas why XP won't recognise my hard disc drive when I boot from the CD?

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