No daily Restore points in System Restore

  Channel 21:11 16 Jun 2010

I have a Dell laptop running Vista.Although System Restore makes restore points automatically when I install/uninstall programs, or at Windows updates, it never creates a restore point daily.(& I can only restore to earlier time in Safe Mode.)In Task Scheduler,it's set to create points on start-up, noon,and 8pm-the reason being, it's only in use, perhaps once daily, time varying,and I only added the timed ones after it didn't do it on start-up.Anyway, no points are created.I do have Norton 360, and wonder if it's the culprit ? But I can hardly turn it off on booting/or remember to do so at certain times, can I?(unless I turn it off in msconfig, and remember to start it manually thereafter?)

  northumbria61 23:19 16 Jun 2010

"In Task Scheduler,it's set to create points on start-up, noon,and 8pm"

Do you really need as many restore points ? Why not just have 1 per day - and have you allocated enough disk space usage for System Protection - it should be approx. 10 to 12% of your total hard drive capacity - if you expand and click on "show more restore points" you may find you have many and need further disk space.

  Channel 20:57 23 Jun 2010

Thank you both;I hadn't realised there had been any responses until now, as for some reason no email notifications were received this time ! I now have restore points just at start-up and 8pm-purely to see if it works.It doesn't,although strangely, in Task Scheduler, it reports one today at Start-up, but the last point shown in SR is several days ago,automatically, when I installed Quick Time.I can ,and have, created points manually, no problem.Can one delete older points ? It strikes me that checking the amount of storage, and altering it, in Vista, is somewhat complicated, by a Command prompt.I'm not really confident trying that.

  northumbria61 21:54 23 Jun 2010

Read this on "scheduling"

click here

Restore points are saved until the hard disk space System Restore reserves is filled up. As new restore points are created, old ones are deleted. If you turn off System Protection (the feature that creates restore points) on a disk, all restore points are deleted from that disk. When you turn System Protection back on, new restore points are created.

  woodchip 15:04 29 Jul 2010

As above I cannot see why you need them all. Its better to have one good one that you can go back to than maybe four that as a virus in the point it was made. Old restore points are deleted as it makes new ones. Best restore point is a Good Acronis Image, something you can rely on. even if its several months old. You can backup your normal files by drag and drop to other media. or using import and export in programs like e-mail. main thing is a Good Backup of the Drive Partition with the Operating System on it, to another Hard Drive. Even if the Main Drive goes, you can restore the Image direct to the New Drive

  woodchip 15:07 29 Jul 2010

He does not know but just by hovering your mouse over the Click Hear that the URL can be read so telling you where its taking you to.
Ether that or he thinks we are all daft

  provider 2 16:03 29 Jul 2010

Conflict between Norton and System Restore is a known issue. You will have to work around it by temporarily turning off product protection: click here

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