No channels available using Humax PVR-9300T

  ponytail 18:45 03 Dec 2013

Not sure if this question can be answered on here but will try.My TV has just lost all the channels dont know why was watching it 10 mins before.I use a Humax PVR-9300T Digital Set Top Box and cannot remember how to do the manual search.What I am looking for are the following 52 49 42 44 41 not sure what these numbers relate to.I know there is something about quality being 100% any advise appreciated

  wiz-king 18:54 03 Dec 2013

Local transmitter off, aerial fallen out? Try a full retune - look in menu options. Check TV is switched to the tuner.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 03 Dec 2013

Scart connection to TV in properly?

TV set to correct input?

To retune try menu(Humax remote) Installation.

  caccy 09:19 04 Dec 2013

From my 9300t manual:- Select MENU, INSTALLATION, OK, MANUAL SEARCH,OK, CHANNEL,OK, Select one of channels using up/down arrows then press OK. Hope this works if it doesn't I will try sort it out on mine.

  caccy 09:35 04 Dec 2013

Should have added this. The default password to enter the "Set up menu" is:- 0000 According to the manual "if you have forgotten your password contact your local product distributor."

  woodchip 10:52 04 Dec 2013

PS hard Drive may be corrupt, you may need to reformat it as it uses Packet Data Reading Writing Software Format, I have the same model as you but the all work on the same format as far as I know. After Format Do the above to search for MENU, INSTALLATION, OK, MANUAL SEARCH,OK, CHANNEL,OK, You are best choosing Auto Search

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