No Cable Required??????

  daz246 20:39 13 Nov 2003

I've just received this from BT. Does this mean that you don't need any cables or a router to share the connection?

It is my pleasure to inform you that you can connect more than one computer and share the same BT Broadband connection. If you are running Windows 98SE, Windows 2000 or XP, install a network card in the machine with the broadband modem, enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for the broadband modem, install a network card in the computers you want to share with and lastly set each computer to obtain its IP configuration via dynamic allocation (DHCP).

Is this correct?

  rowdy 20:51 13 Nov 2003

You need a cable to interconnect the two networkk cards then you can share the broadband. BUT the computer connected to the modem must be on for the second machine can access the internet.


  Tim1964 22:51 13 Nov 2003

What BT mean is, They will only assign one IP address per account, so you can only have one PC connected. By using a router, or linking another PC 'through' the connected one you can have as many as the bandwith will allow (usaully a max of 5) and it appears you only have the one. Unless you want to pay for another account, Yeah right!

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