No Burning on LightScribe disc

  geedad 22:44 06 Dec 2010

I have Cyberlink Software, with LightScribe capability, and also LightScribe DVD+R discs,but when trying to burn a video ( to play back on video players), I get "This type of disc is not compatible ..... " or something like that.
The HP Pavilion has the internal optical drive capable of writing labels directly to the disc, so I don't understand why I receive the message?
Has anyone else the same experience, and solution?

  lotvic 22:49 06 Dec 2010

If it is when burning the label, did you remember to turn the DVD disc over?

or do you mean it is not burning the video movie

  lotvic 22:52 06 Dec 2010

also is your burner capable of using DVD+R or is it only for DVD-R ?

  geedad 23:19 06 Dec 2010

Thanks, lotvic, I should have stated that it DOES 'print' the label directly, but you may be right about the format. I thought that my LG Super Multi extenal drive would do the trick. I have already bought quite a lot of DVD+R discs, but I am short of coasters!
I will probably have to buy LightScribe DVD-R discs in future!
Or do they need formatting first?
( The HP also throws up the same message about compatibility)

  lotvic 23:35 06 Dec 2010

What model number are your DVD burning drives, I would have thought the Super Multi would be able to burn both -R and +R even if the internal one can't do both. If you have the specs docs for them it might be as well to check, or post the model numbers and can google for specs.

  User-312386 07:13 07 Dec 2010

Are you trying to burn a multi session disc? You need to untick multi session!

  geedad 07:19 07 Dec 2010

Will check,and I thought the same.

Will come back to you on this one, thank you.
Thanks again

  BRYNIT 08:13 07 Dec 2010

It could be the file being written and what disk the program has selected to write to. If the program is trying to write to a CD a DVD will not be compatible.

  geedad 10:43 07 Dec 2010

The LG Super DVD Writer is Model number:GSA 2164D, Serial Number : 510ZDDMo12146. Looking at the document that came with it, it DOES support DVD+R together with every other type you could think of!
The only thing I can think of is that when I moved the Writer to this new current PC, I did not use the supplied disk, since a lot of similar software was supplied with the PC, such as Cyberlink PowerDVD, PowerProducer Gold.
The Writer installed with no problem as soon as it was connected to the new PC, without the CD.
Thanks. They were just two short videos, lasting total seven minutes.
Thank you your suggestion.

  geedad 10:48 07 Dec 2010

Just a further addition to my previous posting. The built-in writer brought up the SAME MESSAGE as the External one!
The PC came with LightScribe capability, so I will contact HP support about this,and let you know the outcome.

  geedad 00:12 08 Dec 2010

Lazarus The 2nd

Sorry,Lazarus The 2nd, but I have found the answer to the problem. The very first LightScribe disc that I used in the External writer, was either corrupt or was damaged inadvertently by me. The second one that I tried worked beautifully, both for the burning and the labelling, so I apologise for using up your time. Further digging into the new PC's sofware, I found a DVD suite that gave me the LightScribe software that I needed, part of the Cyberlink suite.
Many thanks to you for your responses, and many thanks to all other Forum members.

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