No buffering just stops

  jack.phelps 13:25 14 Feb 2013

When watching a video online it will randomly stop and it doesn't buffer it just stops, the only way to watch it is to put the video back a couple of seconds and it will reload a bit more and then take it back a couple of seconds and so on, the same thing happens for downloads it just stops, I am running the downloaded version of windows 8 and have updated my codecs. Cheers hope someone gets back soon.

  difarn 14:20 14 Feb 2013

A few things to check.

Is your Flash Player up to date? Have you tried unchecking the "hardware acceleration" in Flash settings? -Right click on the video when it is running, click on settings. You do not say which browser you are using - have you tried clearing the cache and cookies? On YouTube will your video buffer if you pause it whilst playing? If not will changing the quality by choosing a resolution from the gear icon help? Do you have a good broadband connection?

  jack.phelps 14:50 14 Feb 2013

I am using Google chrome, I do not have the best broadband connection but other laptops in my house work fine.

  difarn 15:06 14 Feb 2013

Have you had a look at some of my previous suggestions? When you have cleared the browsing history,download history, cookies, cache, try re-booting.

Have you tried to see if the situation exists with another browser?

  jack.phelps 15:15 14 Feb 2013

My flash player is up to date, unchecking the "hardware acceleration button doesn't work and the same problem occurs in Internet Explorer

  difarn 16:27 14 Feb 2013

Did you delete all browsing history, cookies etc and then re-boot. How about trying Firefox?

You say that you are not having any problem on other laptops - may point to your installation of Windows 8.

  jack.phelps 17:41 14 Feb 2013

Deleted all browsing history and cookies, still just stopping. It has been doing it for around the last month I have had the windows 8 for longer so it didn't initially start after the download of windows 8

  difarn 08:24 15 Feb 2013

Are you using the same anti-virus as on your other pc's?

Could you try uninstalling Flash, downloading Firefox and using Firefox download Flash - make sure you get the correct one for Firefox.Take care when downloading Flash that you uncheck the McAfee Security option.

I'm assuming that this is the only PC on which you have Windows 8 installed and that the pc on which you installed the download version meets the specifications for doing this. I do not use Windows 8 but there is a specific section on this forum and you may get some more specific help if you tried posting there. If you do this it would be helpful if you state what you have already done to try to solve the problem.

  difarn 08:26 15 Feb 2013

As an afterthought, if you have some idea of when the problem first started to occur you could try to restore back to before that date. This will not affect files and folders but will uninstall any programmes/software/updates installed before that date.

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