No Boot - not even to Bios

  ened 06:29 08 Apr 2004

Sometime during the night my computer crashed.
I found it with the message: "BOOT DISK FAILURE".
I reset it and it would not go beyond "Detecting IDE Drives".
I isolated the problem to the secondary HDD.
Everything appears to be okay - although it took XP five minutes to finish booting then told me it had recovered from a serious error.
But as soon as I plug the IDE into the slave HDD it won't even boot to BIOS.
Has anyone experienced this?
I only have the one machine at the moment so it is not possible to test the HDD.

  Forum Editor 07:10 08 Apr 2004

has failed, and if that's the case there's not a lot you can do. How old is the drive in question?

  ened 07:23 08 Apr 2004

Forum Editor

The drive is about 3 years old and has been 100% reliable.
There is a lot of stuff on there I haven't backed up - (I know) but would a failed drive cause the machine to act like that?

If the drive has failed there is not much I can do about it but if the IDE had failed presumably it would affect both drives on that channel.
Or would it?

  xania 09:03 08 Apr 2004

I agree with FE. It sounds as if your 2nd HDD has failed (that "BOOT DISK FAILURE". message) and is stopping your PC from completeing POST. I very much doubt you'll succeed in getting any data of that drive now. If you really need it, click here

  powerless 09:05 08 Apr 2004

Check your jumpers.

  ened 16:41 08 Apr 2004

Bit late in the day - I've been working but:
If your still there Powerless what do you mean?

  ened 16:55 08 Apr 2004


Many thanks
Whilst I probably won't bother with data recovery that link actually told me about an inherent fault in the manufacturing process of the same Fujitsu which I happen to have lost.
That has cleared that up so thanks once again.

  mrdsgs 16:56 08 Apr 2004

there should be little plastic "jumpers" on the back of your hard drives, next tio the ide and power connectors. Your master/boot hd should be set to "master", the secondary one (that you do not boot from) to "slave"


  Stowit 17:03 08 Apr 2004

Just for your info whilst trying to use a HDD from my Sky + (Sky upgraded) in my PC, I experienced similar. I've just sacked the idea of installing it in a PC, as no matter what I did plugging it in just froze everything & I could do nothing. Bin the drive I believe is the next course of action )-:

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