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  exolios 09:11 17 Feb 2012


I have an very old PC. And I fear that the HDD might give up at any point now. So I've brought an SSD as an upgrade.

But now at startup it says that it's looking for a Primary Drive.

Me thinking the ssd might be broken, i put it in another pc, but there it works.

So here is some info i was able to gather:

The motherboard is a: P5F-83.

I made an image of the old drive and installed it on the SSD.

Bios is on old version of Award.

Boot order should be ok: A then C

The pins on the SSD are also set to Master

I should not that if i put the old drive in the pc it will start up like normal, It's just the SSD that does not want to work in the PC.

When i copied i made sure all the settings on the SSD are the same as on the HDD.

I hope this is enough information, if u need more i can see what i can do.

Please help and Thanks in advance for the effort.


  KRONOS the First 10:12 17 Feb 2012

There are no pins to set on a SSD it is a Sata connection. Your,as you say,old PC with the P5F-83: Manual here, shows the board does not have a Sata header on mobo. Are you sure it was one of these you bought? SSD.

  exolios 10:36 17 Feb 2012

Thanks for your time Chronus,

But here this is the SSD ive got. Transcend TS32GSSD25-M 32GB 2.5 Inch Internal SSDMLC (IDE)

I got this connected with a 2.5 inch HDD adapter

kinda like this one:

  exolios 10:49 17 Feb 2012

Sorry the link failed,

2.5 inch to 3.5 inch HDD adapter

hope this example works.

  KRONOS the First 11:30 17 Feb 2012

Is this your drive,which is a hybrid by the way? SSD MLC. Is this similar to the adapter? 3.5 to 2.5 IDE.

Both your links failed my man,but do not worry about it you are not alone with this issue.

  robin_x 12:41 17 Feb 2012

Link Underscores were suppressed

I wonder if the cloned Boot Partition was also set as Active?

Use Windows Disk Management to have a look. (Start Run/Search Diskmgmt.msc)

If not, try setting it as Active (right click the partition) and putting SSD as a single drive in the old PC.

The old drive, should then NOT have any Active partitions (you don't want to boot from it)

Partition Wizard Bootable CD also a useful utility for messing if Diskmgmt becomes inconvenient. ie if you need to run without Windows.

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