No Boot Disc Found

  rawprawn 07:32 09 May 2006

Yesterday I turned on my machine and after the Dell flash screen got this message "No boot disc found, press F1 to try again or F2 for set up" I tried to reboot about 4/5 times including trying to boot from the XP CD with no success so I opened the machine and checked for loose connections but found nothing wrong. When I turned on again it booted with no trouble. Can anyone offer any advice/reasons how this could happen, I feel there must have been something loose but found nothing

  rawprawn 09:06 09 May 2006

Thanks guys, thats what I figured. I didn't realise I had magic healing powers.I just wondered if there could be any other explanation, but I guess not, as it's running sweet this morning. The only cooment I would make, and it could be paranoia is that my HD sounds noisier.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 09 May 2006

[quote]my HD sounds noisier[/quote]

Better to be paranoid and safe - if you have space and funds, add another hard drive or an external drive as a backup measure.

At the very least, try to ensure that your backups are current.

  Simsy 09:35 09 May 2006

I'd be inclined to think that hard disc failure is on the way, or at least to prepare for it!

I'd get an image, (True Image, Ghost, or similar), of the drive onto another medium, either another HDD, or CD's/DVDs.

Then you'll be prepared if/when the HDD does completely fail!

good luck,



  rawprawn 09:40 09 May 2006

Thanks for your replies, I already have a second HD and it is fully backed up using Acronis True Image. I know these things are unpredictable and "Sods Law" but my C: is only about 12 months old so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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