no boot up

  [DELETED] 18:57 12 Dec 2003

My daughter has a laptop which up to now has been faultless. However, when she started it this afternoon she was confronted by the boot up screen followed by the windows xp logo, then the system restarted and will only repeat these steps. I am unable to get into windows and would appreciate any help. The lap top was not supplied with a Windows XP disc so I am unable to reload it, I have the manufacturers recovery disc but I would prefer to be able to get the system running to enable me to save any crucial files.

  [DELETED] 19:02 12 Dec 2003

Sounds like it could be trying to load a corrupt driver as windows is trying to start - try removing all peripheral devices.

If that fails boot into safe mode (tap F8 as it's booting) to get the menu and choose safe mode. If safe mode loads go into the system configuration utility and untick everything from the startup tab apart from any AV software if you have it.

If you cannot get into safe mode and you need to get important files of the system you could boot from a WIN98/ME boot disk, providing the partition is not NTFS.

  [DELETED] 19:05 12 Dec 2003

click here but I'm not sure it will help if you don't have a Windows CD.

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