No blue bar?

  [DELETED] 21:48 07 Sep 2003

Sorry folks , I dont know the technical name for the "Blue bar" on the bottom right of the screen, but I trust you will know what I mean.Its the bar that slowly moves to the right and when it reaches the end of its box , it then engages the function you have requested e.g. , the next page etc.

Anyway , I recently noticed that the blue bar i'm refering to has disappeared from the screen.
Can anybody help in giving me some advice on exacting its return , and also tell me what its correct name is?
In anticipation , thanks for all help that is forthcoming.

  [DELETED] 21:51 07 Sep 2003

If you mean the status bar in Internet Explorer:

1) With (only one) IE open, click View/Status Bar

2) Right-click on IE Toolbar and select "Lock the Toolbars"

3) Hold down the CTRL key and click the close button (upper right)

4) Start WINDOWS Explorer, click View/Status Bar

5) Right-click on WINDOWS Explorer's Toolbar and select "Lock the Toolbar"

6) Click Tools/Folder Options, View tab

7) Click the "Apply to all folders" button. (Click OK if this gives you another question)

8) Hold down the CTRL key and click the close button (upper right)

  [DELETED] 22:08 07 Sep 2003

Top call VoG,problem solved thanks for your speedy response .

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