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No beeps/no display

  Hetti 19:22 10 Apr 2014

I hope this is in the correct place, sorry if its nost.

An old PC we have gives no beeps on boot I hear fans going and the power button on the PC tower lights up but there is no display on the screen, when I try a different monitor (which I know is working there is still no display).

This is an old XP PC but worked fine until recently, I'm not very techie and was wondering if it was worth trying to fix it myself, paying for such an old PC repair is not an option, I have only ever replaced a hard drive and upgraded memory in the past, so really a novice.

So try to repair of take it to the local recycling?

  Aitchbee 19:38 10 Apr 2014

I would make sure that everything connected to any USB ports are physically removed/unplugged [with the power off] from your computer, then try to boot up again with no USB peripherals connected. It's worth a try.

  Hetti 19:53 10 Apr 2014

Aitchbee Thanks but no luck, I have a new PSU which I bought but never used, I wonder if I could replace the old one on the PC just in-case that is the problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 10 Apr 2014

make sure no disks in drives

do you hear fans running? Unplug power and data leads to drives and retry to see if you get BIOS screen

remove refit graphics card and memory and retry

if not then PSU failure is a likely cause, not hard to change but lots of wires :0)

Guide to changing PSU click here

  bumpkin 21:14 10 Apr 2014

If you have a new PSU why not give it a try. No need initially to physically fit it or remove the old one. Just unplug all the cables from the old one and connect the cables from the new one. Fire it up and if it works then fit it in the case. If it does not work then you will know that it is some other problem.

  Hetti 14:17 11 Apr 2014

Thanks all I have replaced the PSU and PC now gives beeps, but it is a long intermittent beep and PC still does not show anything on monitor, PSU that was in PC was 350watts the one I just added it 450watts (it was not bought for that desktop PC just thought I would try it. Any ideas please?

  Hetti 14:41 11 Apr 2014

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol

I'm so pleased........... I reseated the memory on PC, it booted to desktop, cant access internet yet as Ive not got a USB keyboard (mine is wireless and there wont be a driver on that PC for it)Ill have to wait until my son gets here he has one. Feel pleased I manged to do that, pretty good for an old lady. Thanks for the advice you all gave me on this great site.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:25 11 Apr 2014

Your fast heading towards being a PC Tech :0)

  Hetti 18:41 11 Apr 2014

rofl :>)

  bumpkin 20:53 11 Apr 2014

We are always pleased to hear good feed back, a lot of people do not bother.

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