No 'beeps' on my new pc

  Chris the Ancient 17:46 18 Aug 2009

Running a novatech pc with a Foxconn A6VMX motherboard.

There are no POST beeps and, more annoyingly, no caps lock, num lock etc. beeps.

Studied the supplied glossy annotated picture of the board - as supplied - and can't find any signs of a connection for an internal speaker.

Anybody seen or found an internal speaker connector - or am I just going to have to learn how to live without it?

  woodchip 18:01 18 Aug 2009

normally they are bottom right corner on the board.

  bremner 18:10 18 Aug 2009

Looking at the specs on the Foxconn site there is definitely a connection for the internal speaker.

It will be with those for the Power and reset switches on the front of the case. Have a look where those wires go and there will be a wire with them for the speaker which will connect in the same pin connector block.

  woodchip 18:30 18 Aug 2009

Its not connected on my Medion Desktop, nor is there a Reset Button or Hard Drive Light

  Chris the Ancient 18:57 18 Aug 2009

Looking in that bottom corner, there is a 'front panel' connector that has points for the Power led, HDD led, pwr switch, reset (not available on my case) and one called 'empty'. This last one might have been destined, at one time, to be an 'int spkr' - but it's not labelled as such.

PC is going to be off for a while tomorrow, so I'll open up and have a look at the board - rather than the picture - then. From the picture, though, there is no real sign of anything else (or room for anything else) in that are. However, a visual check with reinforce - or not - what may be lurking around there.

  Stuartli 19:54 18 Aug 2009

Have you checked Sounds and Audio Devices (Sounds tab)?

Start>Settings>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices.

  Chris the Ancient 21:50 18 Aug 2009

Yup. All other sounds are OK (been listening to some of my music this evening while working on a time-critical thing needed first thing in the morning).

The dead give-away is the lack of beeps on POST - therefore no internal speaker or whatever.

  rdave13 09:35 19 Aug 2009

Never had post beeps on my zoostorm either. ECS 915pl-a2 board. Got used to not having the beeps over the years. As for caps lock etc., beeps then control panel- accessibility options and tick the 'use toggle keys' box and click apply.

  Woolwell 10:01 19 Aug 2009

You've just made me realise that on my last 2 PC's I haven't had post beeps. I wonder if this is becoming a thing of the past.

  I am Spartacus 10:16 19 Aug 2009

Although pricey this kit from Maplins includes a tiny speaker which is loud enough to give you POST beeps and for Caps Lock etc click here

  rdave13 10:29 19 Aug 2009

Caps lock beeps come through your ordinary speakers.

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