no beeps

  roger45 21:37 12 Aug 2006

I have built a low cost system based on an Asrock k7s41GX motherboard and it works fine except that there is no startup beep.
There is chassis speaker connector on the board marked +5v : dummy: dummy: speaker: where +5v is pin 1.

Not sure what to connect to this 4 pin socket,or how.
With the case was supplied a small cylindrical transducer with two wires, black and red and i' ve tried connecting this to the socket,
(red to +5v) but still no beeps.
Have seen similar type components on other motherboards,but it's not on the Asrock,also i've seen small transistor radio type loudspeakers
mounted on other computer chassis-is this what i require?
Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

p.s. does +5v mean 5volts D.C. ,and would this not cause damage if connected to a small speaker?

  woodchip 21:42 12 Aug 2006

It will only beep if the MOBO is connected to the Computer Case internal Speaker or if it as a motherboard inbuilt one. My XP desktop is just the same and as been since I bought it

  roger45 22:24 12 Aug 2006

There is no internal speaker in the case,only a separate component supplied with the case and am not sure how to connect this to the 4 pin mobo socket.
So i shall have to remain beepless.Thanks anyway!

  woodchip 22:40 12 Aug 2006

You could geta small speaker from Comp chop or Comp Fair. Even Dumpit site of old computer it's only a two wire job and the connects to the speaker pins down bottom right corner of motherboard. It should work either way round

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