no beep on boot up, motherboard?????

  martin1976 17:26 24 Jan 2004

hi i am runnig Millenium edition,and my pc wont boot. there is no beep on boot up,which there was previously and literally nothing displayed on the monitor, its as if its off. It is not off however and i have tested it ok with another pc. There is power to the hard drive and the cpu fan spins up. power light button comes on and hard drive light eluminates as it shuld. Also ram is seated fine and has not been changed recently. i think this is probablythe motherboard but i dont know. does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance. if i replace the motherboard do i have to get the exact same one, is the make and model on the motherboard cos i cant seem to see it...thanks again

  LastChip 17:38 24 Jan 2004

Have you checked the graphics card is seated correctly, and if it has a fan, is it working?

No you don't have to get the same motherboard, but that may cause some issues with either W2K or XP if your using them.

  LastChip 17:39 24 Jan 2004

Just noticed your using ME.

  martin1976 17:58 24 Jan 2004

Last Chip,
graphics card is seated fine, its not in to a pci slot though, its into some other brown slot thats slightly smaller??? no fan just a heat sink.

  ahales42 18:03 24 Jan 2004

Have you tried starting from floppy? Use the startup disk you created when you installed ME.

  martin1976 18:09 24 Jan 2004

boot disk wont work, it wont boot to floppy and wont boot far enough in to bios to even see if floppy is the first boot device.bit of a loss to be honest. i am sure i read somewhere that if there was no beeps it was the motherboard. can anyone confirm that or not as the case may be.
thanks again.

  LastChip 18:10 24 Jan 2004

OK, it's in an AGP slot.

If you have an old PCI graphics card, you could try that. Take the AGP card out and put a PCI graphics card in the slot next to the AGP slot.

If the machine then boots up, it's either a faulty graphics card, or possibly a problem with the AGP slot.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve this sort of problem is by substitution. If it still doesn't boot, the chances are, it is your motherboard that is faulty.

  martin1976 18:55 24 Jan 2004

cheers ill give that a go.......

  martin1976 18:58 24 Jan 2004

sorree additional question, for arguments sake say it was graphics card, surely it would still boot and give a beep. ?????

  LastChip 19:39 24 Jan 2004

Remember, in order to display the BIOS information (first boot screen) you need a working graphics card. If the card is faulty, the BIOS will not detect it and therefore may not boot.

The BIOS detects major hardware components prior to handing control to the operating system, which is why on modern machines for example, you can boot from a CD Rom.

  martin1976 18:43 20 Mar 2004

hello there been a while since i posted on this topci cos it was driving me nuts but heres some updates. to recap the situation, pc wasnt booting at all nothing on the screen as if the monitor wasnt working but iknow that it was a good monitor. no beeps at boot time, nothing, couldnt get into bios. tried booting with only otheboard and graphics card stillnothing. very occasionally i would get the start of a packard bell screen but then the monitor would blank out again. when i got as far as this i would occasionally get a bad cmos ckecksum error message.

1)replaced cmos battery- no change - problem persists
2)replaced with pci graphics card, pc would boot but couldnt seee anything on monuitor but as coulkdnt see anything onmonitor could not get into bios to change this to pci card.
3)replaced ewith new agp graphics card and pc would boot hooray ( as i understand it pc would reviously not get past POST as graphics card wasnt working)windowsME loaded the first time but as i hadnt yet installedthe driver the display was very poor. i have now installed the driver and the pc promptedfor a reboot, but when this happened i got the error meassage "pleasewait while setup updates your configuration files" after a feww momments
"windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 %1:%2" this smessage would continue in perpetuity if i let it. ihave thought about a scanreg restore or fix but was not sure if this would do anything, ican get into the bios at will now, but the only options i have for graphics adater are pci or agp, there does not appear ot be a on board option.any thoughts or comment would be helpfull.

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