humbug59 11:26 06 Jan 2008

Hi, Ive recently been playing Half-Life game (The Orange Box). My computer had higher specification than necessary to play the game, but on about 3 or 4 occasions, the game crashed to a black screen which required a re-set. (Scarey!!) Having finished the game, I have fully un-installed it. Now when I start from cold, I am getting "No AVI input" on my monitor screen despite the computer working. On resetting, it works OK. All connections to the monitor are tight. I think the game has corrupted my graphics card in some way. It is a 512MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro Graphics on a mesh machine. Can anyone help with info on how I can reset the card or reinstall in some way to clear the fault?

  [email protected] 11:47 06 Jan 2008

I don't think you can damage a VGA card with a game unless you overclock it too much!
You could try updating/re-installing the drivers for the card.

  humbug59 11:47 06 Jan 2008

Sorry folks, the message on the monitor reads - "DVI - no input signal" not AVI as I said above.

  harps1h 11:56 06 Jan 2008

if you overclock your card this can occur as i know from experience, usually resetting to stock values cures this. it has nothing to do with the game corrupting your card. it is possible the card is damaged. also have you checked the seating of the card in the motherboard and the that the dvi cable is secure both on the monitor amd the back of the computer?

  humbug59 18:37 06 Jan 2008

Thanks folks.
I have not overclocked the card. It is at its original settings. I will try to reinstall drivers and update them. I will check seating of card and the wiring and see how I go. If it continues I will have to buy a new card. Thanks for all your help.

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