No Audio sound

  swanny2 17:40 27 Feb 2010

ive had my xp home edition, 32 bit,processor model AMAthlon (tm) 512mb model K755a.Formatted,
But theres no sound or a icon in the corner.Can any advise me how too get it back Please.

  Jameslayer 18:53 27 Feb 2010

START-Control panel-sound and audio devices-place vulume icon in task bar

Check sounds not muted also check speakers are pluigged in.

  Jameslayer 18:54 27 Feb 2010

Sorry for short response.

  swanny2 19:40 27 Feb 2010

I went there ,its says no Audio Device!!

  MarvintheAndroid 00:06 28 Feb 2010

Are you using a separate sound card, or "built in" on board sound. Either way, you need to reinstall the audio drivers.

If using on board sound, make sure it is enabled in BIOS.


  swanny2 13:13 28 Feb 2010

Hi thanks,i think its built in,also im not sure how too get into the Bios.dont wnat too mess anything up,as im not that well up on comps.
cheers anyway,i ununstalled the drivers when i went into device manager but when i rebooted nothing came up for new drivers

  MAT ALAN 13:23 28 Feb 2010

Go to start, run, type in services .msc; then scroll down down until you find windows audio. Right click windows audio and select properties, then look for where it says startup type, make sure that selection is set to automatic.reboot

might help...

  swanny2 13:32 28 Feb 2010

hmm i typed that in run mate but nothing appears when i click OK

  MAT ALAN 13:37 28 Feb 2010

OOOPS should be services.msc (no space)

  swanny2 13:43 28 Feb 2010

Thanks .its says its on Automatice mate.

  MAT ALAN 13:49 28 Feb 2010

You may need to reinstall your motherboard chipset driver..reboot the system...and then reinstall the audio driver.
If you need help with the mobo details, use the following program to give "mainboard/chipset" details.
click here

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