No audio sound

  applecroc 09:17 27 Oct 2003

Can anyone help please? While trying to play back music getting the message cannot play back the audio stream ; no audio hardware available. Went into the help and found the relevant page. The sound bar is on low but is all greyed out so cannot adjust it. Also while copying cds the titlte an artists are just coming up squares, not sure if this is connescted. BE grateful for any help. Pat

  -Beb- 11:23 27 Oct 2003

I have had the same problem a few times before as well. There are several possible things:

1)You have installed a windows update and its messed up media player. In that case, just download the latest media plyer and reinstall it.

2)Your sound card is playing up (most likely, as the fact that you cant change the volume means that the computer has detected no sound card). Therefore, go into device manager and check that everything is OK. If there's an exclamation mark by your sound device you will need to reinstall it.

3) I don't know, but I'm sure there are other things...

  applecroc 15:07 27 Oct 2003

Thanks, I actually tried system restore to an earlier date as other things were going wonky and this seems to have worked. Thanks for the advice I will keep note of for future reference.

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