No audio on new computer

  zoobie 02:26 14 Jan 2004

I just bought a new XP2600 board and K7 processor with onboard audio. However, there's no audio playing from the cd player. It reads other non-music data...just doesn't play audio cd's. There's a driver with c-media 3d audio control panel installed and audio is heard when I click on my .wav files in windows explorer but not .wav sites online. Is there a remedy for this? Someone said the board was so new, it doesn't support Win98se...Is this true? Thanks

  zoobie 19:51 15 Jan 2004

I can turn the volume up and down so I don't think that's it. I've tried every driver out there but it's still playing softly. I guess win98se doesn't like this new mobo at all...

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