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No audio on new computer

  zoobie 02:26 14 Jan 2004

I just bought a new XP2600 board and K7 processor with onboard audio. However, there's no audio playing from the cd player. It reads other non-music data...just doesn't play audio cd's. There's a driver with c-media 3d audio control panel installed and audio is heard when I click on my .wav files in windows explorer but not .wav sites online. Is there a remedy for this? Someone said the board was so new, it doesn't support Win98se...Is this true? Thanks

  zoobie 05:49 14 Jan 2004

Well, like I said, it's a AMD Athlon XP-2600 with a c-media ac97 audio device...
I find it hard to believe that the board's just too new to support win98se...jeez.

  zoobie 06:07 14 Jan 2004

Wait...I've got it going a little...but the volume's really low. Strange seeing how this is a pretty powerful box..I've turned up the volume just about all the way up but it's still low...Any suggestions?

  zoobie 06:41 14 Jan 2004

OK...I did that...but it's still playing softly with every volume control turned up...ugh

  Stuartli 17:47 14 Jan 2004

C-Media has an FAQ page on its website but, first, is onboard sound enabled in the Bios, even though you can hear some?

There are also driver upgrades on the website.

I used to use the C-Media 8738 onboard chipset - great sound for such an inexpensive chip; you can buy PCI card with it on for £4-£6!

  zoobie 21:56 14 Jan 2004

My speaker icon disappeared in the system tray...Yes, I've heard it doesn't like win98se but I'm stuck with it until I figure out how to upgrade to winXP. I have an XP upgrade disk but it says I'm missing some files. I'll check out the c-media website. How do I get my speaker icon back? Thanks

  zoobie 23:32 14 Jan 2004


  Stuartli 09:14 15 Jan 2004

Also check in the mixer that the right inputs/outputs are enabled or muted as required; double click on the Volume Control icon.

This can be a source of "missing" sound, along with inadvertently muting sound in programs such as Windows Media Player.

  Stuartli 09:18 15 Jan 2004

I never had any problems with sound using Windows98 or 98SE - it all worked exactly as it should and applied equally to XP Pro using the same four-year-old Elite mobo and onboard C-Media soundchip; however I now use a SoundBlaster Live! which works equally as well.

  gold 47 11:09 15 Jan 2004

Have you got your speakers connected to lineout
instead of the audio out??

  zoobie 11:51 15 Jan 2004

Yep...They're connected to the line out (green)...Where's the audio out?

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