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No Audio Device

  Tycho 10:59 03 Apr 2009

When I was given this rather old HP desktop I decided to upgrade it with more memory and a pair of speakers.

The problem is that the computer does not pass a signal to the speakers. There are all the relevant sockets on the back of the computer: red, blue and green. The speaker wire is plugged into the green. Following the trouble shooter in Help I tries a CD: nothing and then went on to Sounds and Audio Devices Properties. This tells me that there is no audio device. I then wondered if the sockets on the back of the computer are actually connected to something. Tehy sertainly appear to be connected to the mother board (no separate sound card) so I think that there should be on board sound.

What is the next step, please.


  Tycho 13:57 03 Apr 2009

The driver that Buteman posted worked,

I get some hum from the speaker but I suspect that that is nothing to do with the driver. Am I right?


  Tycho 13:59 03 Apr 2009

I am off to wolk the dog for a bit. I will have a look at the thread late and tick the resolved box.

Thanks everyone.


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